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JUN 04, 2023



What is a Fit Model?

What is a Fit Model?

A fit model is a person who assists in the garment making process by allowing the fashion designer, pattern maker or clothing manufacturer to check the fit, drape and visual appearance of a garment on a 'real' human being, effectively acting as a live mannequin. A fit model must comment on the feel of fabric, fit, function and movement in every garment they try on. Fit models are typically the only people to wear a piece of clothing until the factory production process is complete and thousands of pieces end up in brick-and-mortar stores or online shopping hubs. If the model does not let a designer know of a fit issue, the item can become a “bad seller” and initiate returned garments. The process of fitting on a live model is crucial in the fashion industry, making fit models a vital component of a successful clothing line.

What makes a great Fit Model?

A fit model is typically someone with proportionate body measurements (think same size top and bottom). Height range for female models: 5'6"-5'9", male models: 5'11"-6'1". Their body should represent an average customer. Extremely slim, muscular/athletic or curvy models might not make the best fit models, however there plenty of other avenues in the industry they would be fantastic for! Fit models range in sizes from 2-4x, as long as they stay within the range of the clients base size which they fit the garments on. This could be anywhere from small to 2x.

Professional fit models will have to stay consistent with their measurements day in and day out. They will be measured for every casting and usually quarterly or monthly for consistent clients. The best fit models will have a background in design or garment manufacturing. Knowledge of fabric, sewing construction and design are great ways to give your clients educated and valuable fit comments!

How do Fit Models book a job and what happens at a casting?

It all comes down to measurements, an exact match to be precise! If a client is looking for a size 4: bust: 34" waist: 27" hip: 37.5", then the model they choose needs to measure within a quarter or half inch of these measurements. If chosen for a casting, you will show up in leggings, standard t-shirt bra (no sports, strapless or pasties) and a fitted top for easy measuring. The client will measure you, try garments on and ask "how does it feel?" This is you're time to shine! Give accurate, knowledgeable fit comments so client can assess you're experience and possibly note your previous clients. 


If you hit the requested measurements and the client loved the way your physique looked in their clothing, then congrats: you will be booked for future fittings! Fittings can take anywhere from an hour to a full 8 hour day depending on your clients needs and their garment flow. Fittings can also be multiple times a week to create a reoccurring schedule with your client. Some models have been with their clients every week for over 7 years! Rates typically range from $100/hr-$200/hr increasing with models experience and past clients.

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