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Our core principle is simple; to personally invest in every client and every model. Luxe hands on approach has nurtured professional fit models to build valued relationships with all our clients, from swimwear to couture, line sheets to line reviews and startups to industry giants.

At Luxe our models aren't just mannequins who move; we’re fitting aficionados. Every Luxe model brings their own experience in numerous garment backgrounds, design community connections, and appreciation for your companies esthetic that you simply won’t find with other model agencies.

Luxe Fit is a licensed and bonded agency created in 2012 by Katie Nicholes, a veteran fit model who has worked as a professional in the industry for over 10 years. Not only does Katie have a fit model background, she knows the importance of your time and the models. At Luxe our models arrive on time, with the correct measurements and ready to work. We also provide our models with efficient fitting techniques, industry vernacular and in house training to allow you and your team a seamless fitting experience.

Fitting with a Luxe Model isn't just part of your job, it’s an experience, and your fitting experience deserves to be perfect. It’s that simple.

SERVICES: Parts Modeling, Fit Modeling, Stand Ins, Print/Photoshoots, Influencers/Brand Partnerships and Commercial Talent

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