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NOV 05, 2023



Spotlight on Talent: Zach R

At Luxe we are constantly impressed and inspired by the achievements of our talent. As well as blown away by their perseverance and commitment to growth in and out of the industry. That's why we take the time to highlight and feature our models in Spotlight on Talent.

One of our newest additions to the roster, Zach R is originally from Ohio and has been passionate about writing sketches and filming all of his life. Zach has always been athletic and is currently a personal trainer. His favorite job in the industry thus far has been modeling for the FableticsFIT app.

Who’s your muse?

Ryan Reynolds and Chris Pratt

What are your career goals?

I want to become someone who people admire and enjoy seeing on screen. A name that when you hear they are in a a project, you have to see it. I've always been an optimistic person and I love making people laugh because sometimes you forget how to when life runs its course.

What’s your biggest acting/modeling career accomplishment so far?

Honestly, overcoming my old insecurity of always being concerned about what people think of you. Do you - if they don't like who you are, their loss!

We are so excited to have Zach on our roster! His unique personality and look set him apart, and we know he is going to make a splash in the industry. 

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Zachary Rist in Spotlight on Talent: Zach R


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